Aziz Ansari, James Franco: Mistreatment of Women List Growing

As the 2018 Award Season began, two young actors found their names in the headlines not as nominees, but for the alleged mistreatment of women. Aziz Ansari, 34, and James Franco, 39, are both facing accusations that recently surfaced, in light of many other individuals who have spoken out against Hollywood’s biggest names.

Aziz Ansari addressed the media after the release of a narrative from a young photographer’s account of a date night with the actor- and said something along the lines of ‘I misunderstood her intentions’. The incredibly graphic story was published via and gained attention immediately. ‘Grace’ as referred to in the article, said she confronted Ansari following the date, only to receive a short apology that matched his statement to the media- misreading her body language and intentions.

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